Hist 150c6, Section 1, Spring 2021, Class Annoucements


1/21   For today's first projection on basics of argumentation, click here. For a projection regarding Martin Luther King's birthday, click here. For a projection on logical definitions, click here. For a projection on cogent reasoning, click here. For a projection, on deductive and inductive reasoning, click here. For a projection on hidden premises, click here. For a projection, an exercise on recognizing arguments, click here. For a projection, a New York Times article on Russia, click here. For a projection, on recognizing arguments and their components, click here.

1/25   For the first projection, an exercise on argument structure, click here. For types of inductive reasoning, click here. For fallacy by appeal to authority, click here. For courtroom standards of evidence, click here. For an exercise on valid and invalid appeals to authority, click here. For Smedley Butler's speech on U.S. intervention, click here. For a statement by the Brazilian president, click here. For a link to the 1968 debate between Gore Vidal and Willam F. Buckley, click here.

1/27   For a letter to the Financial Timesclick here. For a list of fallacies, click here. On the straw-man fallacy, click here. On tautology, click here.  For a speech by Abraham Lincoln, click here. For a 1986 debate between Noam Chomsky and John Silber, click here

1/29   The John Quincy Adams Society has an undergraduate essay/award program that may be of interest, click here

2/1     For first today's projection, on the Korean war, click here. For an exercise on fallacies, click here. For the article "The Unkindest Cut," click here. For a letter to the Wildcatclick here. For controversies regarding the CIA, click here.

2/3     For a video on Julian Assange, click here. For two videos on Russia's military capability, click here and here. For a second list of fallacies, click here. For the fallacy of the beard, click here. For the Ad Hominem fallacy, click here. For the slippery slope fallacy, click here. For a projection on the two-wrongs-make-a-right fallacy from Israeli television, click here.

2/8     For an exercise on appeal to authority, click here. For an exercise on fallacies, click here. For Fallacy of Composition with regard to economics, click here.

2/10   For a video on Appeal to Authority, click here

2/17   For a letter on Professor Avital Ronnell, click here. Regarding the Fallacy Ad Baculumclick here. For an illustration of Ad Baculum, click here. A third list of fallacies, click here. For an argument regarding the California recall election, click here. For a projection on the Democrats' economic stimulus legislation, click here. Video about logic and witches, click here. The video represented as a syllogism, click here.  A third list of fallacies, click here. For an article on the issue of substantive relevance, from Reason magazine, click here

2/22  For a video presentation by Greta Thunberg, click here. A display of logic from The Donald, click here. For a Youtube video regarding controversy at Ryerson University, click here and here. For the Erica Jong article on the election, click here. For an exercise on fallacies, click here. For a newspaper article on Vladimir Putin, click here

2/24   For an illustration of logic from the movie Lady Bird, click here. For a complete list of fallacies, click here. For a video from The Shiningclick here. For an editorial from the Arab-Americanclick here.  "Name that Fallacy," click here. For a comparison of fallacies, click here

3/1     Name that Fallacy, click here. For a video regarding the 2008 war in Georgia, click here  (what is the fallacy here?).  For a projection on manipulative language and propaganda, click here.  For a video on fine print disclaimers, click here.  For a video on obfuscation, click here. For an exercise regarding manipulative uses of language, click here. .