David N. Gibbs

Professor of History
University of Arizona
PhD in Political Science, 1989, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Email: dgibbs@arizona.edu

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Recent Book: First Do No Harm: Humanitarian Intervention and the Destruction of Yugoslavia
Vanderbilt University Press, 2009.

Here are reviews in the Washington Times and the Croatian Political Science Review.
See book presentation on C-SPAN Book TV.
See also excerpts from reviews of First Do No Harm.

The book has elicited a bit of controversy in Croatia (click here).


David N Gibss

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Recent Articles:

D. Gibbs, "The Srebrenica Precedent: The Srebrenica Massacre was a Tragic Event,
but for the Last Twenty Years, It's been Used to Justify more War and US Intervention,"
Jacobin, July 6, 2015. For full text, click here.

D. Gibbs, "Not so Open and Shut [concerning JFK assassination]," letter to the editor, 
Economist, November 30, 2013.
For full text, click here.

D. Gibbs, "Celebrating French Intervention in Mali:
Media Overlooked Role of 'War on Terror' in Sparking Crisis," Extra, April 1, 2013.
For full text, click here.

D. Gibbs, "The Balkan Wars," Economist, January 19, 2013.
Published as lead letter to the editor. For full text click here.
The Economist ran a response to my letter, in a subsequent edition (click here for full text of response).

D. Gibbs, "Welcome to the Balkan Propaganda Machine," Antiwar.com, June 11, 2012.
For full text, click here. For German translation, click here. For Czech translation, click here.

D. Gibbs [interview], "No Side is Interested in Long-Term Ceasefire in Syria,"
RT Television News, April 18, 2012. For full text and video, click here.

D. Gibbs, "Libya and the New Warmongering," Foreign Policy in Focus, January 12, 2012.
For full text, click here. For German translation, click here. For Spanish translation, click here.
Published with reply by Michael Bérubé; for debate and exchange, click here

D. Gibbs, "The 'Decent Left' and the Libya Intervention: A Reply to Michael Bérubé,"
Counterpunch, November 25-27, 2011. Reprinted in Afrique-Asie (online edition).
For full text, click here. For French translation, click here.

D. Gibbs, "Pompous Rhetoric and Realpolitik: Power Politics, NATO, and the Libyan Intervention,"
Counterpunch, September 15, 2011. Reprinted in  Cafrande Kültür Sanat ve Hayat.
For full text, click here. For Turkish translation, click here.

D. Gibbs, "Kosovo, a Template for Disaster: The Idea that Kosovo is a Model for Humanitarian
Intervention in Libya is Based on a Series of Myths," London Guardian, March 21, 2011.
Reprinted in the Qatar Tribune, The Daily Star (Bangladesh), and De Staandard (Belgium).
For full text click here. For Russian translation, click here. For Flemish translation, click here

See a right-wing attack on David Gibbs, by Andrew Breitbart.